Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Skincare review : NUTOX oxyfusion

Nutox Oxyfusion is a producta from Japan which contain Bird's Nest that provide collagen for our skin. Its include oxygen therapy. I just use the radiance cleansing gel. My skin feel softer and the exfoliator is just the best. I really love it. It cleans up all the blemishes and turns it into flakes. Its great! :) the moisturizer which came in emulsion type is good for all skin type including oily skin. It conatains SPF25 in it.. so u dont have to use any other sunblock :)

Lastly the so-called toner which comes in a spray bottle. It is called Nutox skin refining astrigent. You dont have to use cotton, just spray it to your face and you will definitely feel fresher skin. :) i just use this for a week and so far its great but i dont really like the fragrance. I'll make a review on this after using it for a month. see yaah! :)

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